Control Group

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

We are always interested to hear what our past members are doing. If you are a past member or know one, please get in touch at

Past Staff

Ioannis Lestas 2006-2013

  • Research Fellow
  • now University Lecturer in Electrical Power Systems, in the Electrical Engineering Division of the University of Cambridge

Past Researchers

Dr Panos Brezas 2008-2014
  • Research Associate
Dr Francesca P. Carli
  • Research Associate
Dr Mathieu Claeys 2013-2014
  • Research Associate
Dr Alison Eele 2010-2014
  • Research Associate
  • Now with The MathWorks
Dr Alessio Franci 2013-2015
  • Research Associate
  • Now Professor of Biomathematics, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico
Dr Zheng (Jason) Jiang 2009-2014
  • Research Associate
  • now Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol
Dr Edward Hartley
  • Research Associate
  • Now with The MathWorks
Dr Kris Parag 2014-2015
  • Research Associate
  • now Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Dr Biswa Sengupta
  • Research Associate
Dr Guy-Bart Stan 2006-2009
  • Research Associate
  • now Reader in Engineering Design for Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London
Dr Tom Voice 2012-2014
  • Research Associate
  • Now with VocalIQ
Dr Ye Yuan
  • Research Associate

Past PhD Students


Alex Broekhof 2007-2012

Alberto Carignano 2010-2014

Dariusz Cieslar 2009-2013

Marco Gallieri 2010-2014

Peyman Gifani

David Hayden 2010-2014

Yinlong Hu

Ian McDonnell

Muyiwa Olanrewaju

Luisa Pires 2009-2013

Aman Sinha 2013-2014

Kaoru Yamamoto

Xiaoke Yang 2010-2014