Control Group

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

The Control Group

The Control Group's work ranges from fundamental theory through to applied control. Some enduring themes of the group have been design, optimisation and robustness. In recent years a number of new directions have been initiated outside of traditional areas (e.g. biological systems, internet stability, passive mechanical networks). It is expected that this mix will continue with new directions being initiated in timely fashion.

Research Themes

Some of the areas currently being investigated in the group include:

Fundamental theory of feedback systems (Prof K.Glover, Prof R. Sepulchre, Prof. M.C. Smith, Dr G. Vinnicombe).

Biological applications of control and systems theory (Dr T. O'Leary, Prof R. Sepulchre, Dr G. Vinnicombe)

Control of constrained systems; Control, planning and execution by on-line optimisation (Prof J.M. Maciejowski)

Control of hybrid systems (Prof J.M.Maciejowski, Dr J.Goncalves, Dr G. Vinnicombe)

Control of large scale networks of interacting agents (Dr G. Vinnicombe)

Modelling and control of mechanical networks and passive network synthesis (Prof M.C. Smith)

Optimization algorithms (Prof R. Sepulchre)

Control of power systems (Dr. G. Vinnicombe)

Neurophysiology, theoretical neuroscience and regulation in the nervous system (Dr. T. O'Leary, Prof R. Sepulchre)

Application of advanced control and systems methods to challenging applications in the automotive, aeronautic and IT sectors (All faculty). in the automotive, aeronautic and IT sectors (All faculty).