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Cambridge University Department of Engineering

Kris Parag

Background - Research - Publications

Position: Research Associate

Office Location: BN4-85

E-mail: kvp23 [at]

Thesis Title:

Supervisor: Dr Glenn Vinnicombe


As a Research Associate Kris worked on event triggered sampling theory. He studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield (MEng, 2006-2010) before pursuing a PhD at Trinity College, University of Cambridge (2010-2013/4) as a Gates Scholar. His PhD research focussed on 1) understanding the noise performance limits of fundamental molecular estimation and control problems and 2) characterising the main noise sources in early invertebrate vision through optimal filtering. His current work looks at analysing adaptive sampling schemes for stochastic processes under energy and coding constraints.

Research Interests

Kris' research lies at the intersection of control theory, stochastic systems and biological modelling. Particular areas of interest are: point processes, queueing theory, information theory, non-linear filtering, stimulus reconstruction, noise processes, visual neuroscience, stochastic chemistry, control theory, systems biology, stochastic modelling, machine learning


• Parag, K. and Vinnicombe, G. “Single Event Molecular Signalling for Estimation and Control.” European Control Conference, pp: 4166-71, 2013.

• Parag, K. and Vinnicombe, G. “Event Triggered Signalling Codecs for Molecular Estimation” 52nd Conference on Decision and Control, pp: 256-61, 2013.