Control Group

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

The Control Group is part of the Information Engineering Division of Cambridge University Engineering Department.

To see how we fit into the structure of the rest of the Department, see the Research Groups home pages page.

The Control Group is home to 25 staff and students engaged in research covering the whole spectrum of control engineering. Since its formation more than / years ago, the Group has produced over ? PhDs.

The Control Group's work ranges from fundamental theory through to applied control. A number of new directions have been initiated outside of traditional engineering areas (e.g. biological systems, internet stability). It is expected that this mix will continue, with themes such as hybrid dynamical systems, system interconnection, control with constraints, being major areas of focus, and with new directions being initiated in timely fashion..

We welcome you to browse our website using the links to find out more about the research which is currently underway. Detailed descriptions of our facilities are available, and a full list of recent publications is also on-line.

If you are interested in engaging in collaborative research, or joining the group as a student or visitor, you may wish to contact a member of staff whose interests are similar to your own.