Sharon Heise

Research Keywords

  • Model Based Predictive Control (MBPC)
  • Stability of MBPC
  • Constraints in MBPC
  • Contact addresses


    Note that for copyright reasons the full papers in this section are available only to members of the CUED control group. The abstracts have worldwide access.
  • Stable multivariable model predictive control , S.A. Heise and J.M. Maciejowski (submitted to the 33rd CDC) ( Abstract )

  • Stability of constrained MBPC using an internal model control structure , S.A. Heise and J.M. Maciejowski, (to appear in Advances in Model Based Predictive Control, Oxford University Press) ( Abstract )

  • Heuristic robustness analysis of model based predictive controllers , J.M. Maciejowski and S.A. Heise (12th IFAC World Congress, 1993) ( Abstract )
  • Miscellaneous

  • As seen at the summer school on MBPC, my favourite predictive control cartoon