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People in the Control Group Academic Staff: %TWISTY{ mode="div" showlink="Show " hidelink="Hide " showimgright= "" hideimgright="" }% * Prof Keith Gover ...
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The Cambridge Control Group was established in 1947 by R.H. Macmillan, and was later expanded by J.F. Coales after 1952. Research by the Control Group was first carried ...
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The Group will be holding a seminar to mark the occasion of Prof Keith Glover's retirement, 22 24 September 2013.
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Foswiki's Main web The web for users, groups and offices. Foswiki is the Free and Open Source Wiki.
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Main Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Main web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and , and can ...
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" else="Foswiki's Main web"}% /Main The web for users, groups and offices. Foswiki is the Free and Open Source Wiki.
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