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Dr. Ye Yuan

Control Group, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (Darwin College).


Ye Yuan is currently a Junior Research Fellow at Darwin College, University of Cambridge and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. He is also holding a visiting researcher position at Bioengineering, Imperial College London with Prof. Mauricio Barahona and Dr. Guy-Bart Stan from Oct. 2011 to Jan. 2015. He received his B. Eng. (Valedictorian) under the supervision of Prof. Yugeng Xi from Department of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 7.2008 and M. Phil., Ph.D. from Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge in 9.2009, 2.2012 under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Goncalves. He was a visiting researcher at UNM, HKUST, Balling Lab at Luxembourg Centre of System Biomedicine, Richard Murray Lab at Caltech and LIDS, MIT with Prof. Munther Dahleh and Prof. Alex Megretski.

He is the recipient of Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards, Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship, Cambridge Overseas Scholarship (twice), Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad and Henry Lester Scholarship (four times), and a number of travel awards from Pembroke College, Cambridge Engineering Department, Microsoft Research, IEEE, EECI, Los Alamos National Lab etc..


[2014] I am in the job market now, my research statement and teaching statement are available upon request.

[2013] In the news: "China Scholars Abroad" Link (in Chinese).

[2012] Best Paper Award Finalist, IEEE ICIA (awarded by Prof. Morari ETH) Pic.

Major Research Interests:

1. Develop a unified framework for control theory and machine learning.

2. Design an automated machine that can distill laws of nature from noisy experimental data without any prior knowledge of physics.

Enterprise project: iTraffic

iTraffic is working to serve travellers, companies and the Public Sector by providing predicted traffic information. Our technology and products will enable the advancement of intelligent transportation and our solution will make a dramatic difference in route-planning and traffic control.

Co-supervised Students:

Wei Pan (Ph.D., Bioengineering, Imperial College, 2011-) Nonlinear identification using sparse Bayesian learning.

David Hayden (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-) Network reconstruction using intrinsic noises.

Peyman Gifani (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-) Engineering design principle.

Zuogong Yue(Ph.D., LCSB, 2014-)

I have also been discussing regularly with Enoch Yeung, Qingqing Huang.

Previous co-supervised Students:

Alberto Carignano (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Modelling of Circadian Clocks. Will join University of Washington as a postdoc researcher.

Dr. Xin Yang (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Robust stability analysis and design for IGBT.Will join NUDT as a lecturer.

Dr. Neave O'Clery (Ph.D., Mathematics, Imperial College, 2011-2013) Graph Theory, Complex Networks. Now a Fulbright researcher at Harvard University.

Jerry Thia (M.S., Control Engineering, Cambridge) Distributed Kalman Filter. Now working in the industry in Singapore.

Andreas Kasis (M.S., Control Engineering, Cambridge) Modelling Huntington's Disease Development in Patients. Now a PhD student in Dr. Lestas' group at Cambridge University.

Other Research Projects: (Links to Posters)

Identification of networked systems with guarantee with application to biology Poster 1 Poster 2

Decentralised algorithms

Health care: disease progression modelling.

Identifiability, Scalability, Robustness.

Selected Publications: Google Citation

Journal Papers:

Working Papers

W. Pan, Y. Yuan, W. Dai, T. Ellis, J. Goncalves, M. Barahona and G. Stan, Learning large-scale complex nonlinear dynamical networked systems.

A. Carignano, F. Robertson, T. Hearn, H. Briggs, D. Haydon, Y. Yuan, M. Hannah, J. Goncalves, A. Webb, Linear modelling and mu-gap analysis of systems changes caused by genetic and pharmacological perturbation of the Arabidopsis thaliana circadian clock.

N. O'Clery, Y. Yuan and M. Barahona, Fast Decentralised sensing and node ranking for complex systems.

P. Gifani, Y. Yuan and J. Goncalves, Reversed design approach.

Submitted Manuscripts

Y. Yuan and J. Goncalves, On minimal realisations of dynamical structure functions, submitted, Arxiv.

W. Pan, Y. Yuan*, H. Sandberg, J. Goncalves and G. Stan, Real-time fault diagnosis for large-scale nonlinear power networks, submitted.

D. Hayden, Y. Yuan and J. Goncalves, Network identifiability from intrinsic noise, submitted, Arxiv.

Accepted and Published Papers

X. Yang, Y. Yuan, J. Goncalves and P. Palmer, Design of active voltage control in high-power IGBT switching, accepted, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

W. Pan, Y. Yuan, J. Goncalves and G. Stan, Bayesian approaches to nonlinear network reconstruction, conditionally accepted, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2014. Arxiv and Supplementary Materials.

X. Yang, Y. Yuan, X. Zhang and P. Palmer, Shaping pulse transitions by active voltage control for reduced EMI generation, to appear IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

W. Kuan, A. Kasis, Y. Yuan, S. Mason, A. Lazar, R. Barker and J. Goncalves , Modelling the natural history of Huntington's disease progression, accepted, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

N. O'Clery, Y. Yuan, G. Stan and M. Barahona, Observability and coarse-graining of consensus dynamics through the External Equitable Partition, Physical Review E., Volume 88, 042805, 2013.

Y. Yuan, G. Stan, L. Shi, M. Barahona and J. Goncalves, Decentralised minimum-time consensus, Automatica, Volume 49, Issue 5, Page 1227-1235, 2013.

L. Shi, Y. Yuan and J. Chen, Finite horizon LQR control with limited controller-system communication, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Volume 58, Issue 7, Page 1835-1841, 2013.

J. Wu, Y. Yuan, H. Zhang and L. Shi, How can online schedules improve communication and estimation tradeoff?, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Volume 61, Number 7, Page 1625-1631, 2013.

E. Herrero, E. Kolmos, N. Bujdoso, Y. Yuan, M. Wang, M. Berns, G. Coupland, R. Saini, M. Jaskolski, A. Webb, J. Goncalves and S. Davis, Early Flowering4 recruitment of Early Flowering3 in the nucleus sustains the Arabidopsis circadian clock, the Plant Cell, Volume 24, No. 2, Page 428-443, 2012. (Impact Factor: 10.1)

Y. Yuan, G. Stan, S. Warnick and J. Goncalves , Robust dynamical network structure reconstruction, Special Issue on System Biology, Automatica, Volume 47, Issue 6, Page 1230-1235, 2011.

Y. Yuan and H. Tanner, Sensor graphs for guaranteed cooperative localisation performance, Control and Intelligent Systems, Volume 38, Issue 1, Page 32-39, 2010.

L. Shi, Y. Yuan and Z. Chen, State estimation over a communication network: measurement or estimate communication? Special Issue on Networked Sensing, Decision Making and Control, Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Volume 8, Issue 1, Page 20-26, 2009.


Y. Yuan, Decentralised network prediction and reconstruction algorithms, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2012.

Selected Recent Conference Papers:

T. Yang, Y. Yuan, K. Li, J. Goncalves and K. Johansson, Minimum-time computation for unknown persistent disturbance in vehicle platooning, in Proceedings of 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014.

Q. Huang, Y. Yuan*, J. Goncalves and M. A. Dahleh, H2-Based Network Volatility Measures, in Proceedings of IEEE American Control Conference, 2014.

Y. Yuan, J. Liu, R. M. Murray and J. Goncalves , Minimal-time dynamical consensus, in Proceedings of IEEE American Control Conference, 2012.

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