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Dr Ioannis Lestas

College Fellow

Telephone:+44 1223 766767
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Office Location:Control Group, Engineering Department

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Ioannis Lestas is a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. He was was born in Cyprus (Limassol) and was chosen to participate in International Physics, Maths, Chemistry Olympiads (2 Bronze medals in International Chemistry Olympiads and first prizes in several national mathematics and physics competitions). After two years of military service as an infantry officer he joined the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College). He graduated in 2002 with a BA (Starred First) and an MEng (Distinction) in Electrical and Information Sciences being consistently each year in the top 1-3% of his class. His MEng project was done in association with McLaren International. During 2002-2006 he was a PhD student in Control Theory at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar and Trinity College Research Scholar. In October 2006 he was elected to a Junior Research Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge (one stipendiary position in sciences and one in humanities were awarded after an international competition with more than 500 applicants per year) and was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship in 2008 (985 742 USD award). Since October 2009 he is an official Fellow of Clare College and a Director of Studies in Engineering at Cambridge. A more detailed CV can be found here.
Research Overview
- Control of large scale systems, Decentralized control.
- Interface between Information Theory and Control Theory, Fundamental limitations in
feedback performance.
- Nonlinear systems (Lyapunov methods, input/output approaches, IQCís), Time-delayed
systems, Robust Control, Stochastic control, Control of jump Markov processes.
- Operator theory, convex optimization, graph theory, random point processes, probability

- Decentralized resource allocation problems, Optimization and pricing in power distribution networks, Power control in wireless networks, Congestion control.
- Networked systems, Smart grids, Consensus protocols, Vehicle platoons.
- Gene regulatory networks, noise in biochemical reaction networks.

Lecturer for 3F1 "Signals and Systems", 2010
(z-transforms, impulse/frequency responses, convolution, Nyquist stability)
Handout 1, Handout 2, Examples Paper, Solutions

Lecturer for "Mathematical modeling and analysis of networks", 2010
Part III Natural Sciences (Systems Biology)
(stochastic models for biological networks, master equations, fluctuation dissipation theorem, stochastic simulation algorithms)
Handout, Examples Paper, Practical

Lecturer for 4F3 "Nonlinear Systems", 2008-2009
(Lyapunov stability, LaSalleís invariance principle, describing functions, small gain theorems, passivity, circle and Popov criteria).
Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4
Examples Paper 1, solutions, Examples Paper 2, solutions

Lecturer for 4G1 "Computational Systems Biology", 2007-2009
(deterministic/stochastic models for gene regulatory networks).

Has supervised
4F2 "Robust Multivariable Control" (optimal control, H2 and Hinfty control theory),
3F2 "Systems and control" (state space approaches),
IA P3 "Linear circuits and devices" (linear circuit theory, field effect transistors, amplifiers),
IA P4 "Mathematical Methods" (Fourier series, probability, Laplace transforms).
Lab instructor for "Control Systems", "Systems and Control".